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Visiting Kate at the hospital had become a must-do thing. Especially after she texted Max, about seeing Nathan there. No one was sure what happened to him, but they had imagined him going to jail. But as Max said; Getting help at a psychiatric hospital sounded a lot better. Chloe, of course, didn't agree, while Warren on the other hand, was extremely curious. His curiosity even led him to sit besides Nathan at some point. He'd try to speak to him, but he didn't seem up for a chit-chat, which Warren kind of understood. But Nathan slowly started to warm up to him, after Warren had come by multiple times They even found out, that they had quite a lot in common. All of their talking and meeting up, managed to make the others just as curious as Warren had been. Maybe Nathan wasn't too bad after all? [ This entire fanfiction is an AU, where Max somehow manages to save Arcadia Bay, AND Chloe. And Nathan didn't go to jail. Instead, he got help, the right medication, and a time-out from school. Mark however, did end up in jail, along with Nathan's father. Also, Kate is very alive. Bless her. If you don't like GrahamScott, AU's or PriceField, this fanfic may not be for you. And since I don't usually write, it's my first actual fanfic ever. So it may have errors and stuff. Sorry about that B-) Just a head up! There'll be mentions of self-harm, depression, and quite possibly sex.]

Visiting Kate

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by alexcantcook