Thanatos: The Blue...
By Devita33
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*COMPLETED* (Book #2 in the DAWN series) #19 in Fantasy Aurora Venerelli, the new goddess-to-be in Olympus, has overcome quite a few difficulties on the rocky-road to deity-ship; with an assassination attempt on her life, betrayal around every corner, haunting nightmares from a dead goddess and not to mention having to deal with her obsessive guardian- Death himself. Now it's time for Aurora to train and fulfill her duty, but who's behind all these cold-blooded murders and who wants to put a stop to her ascension- maybe even her life? Aurora and Thanatos must try to uncover the truth behind a deep layer of mystery in an ancient society of gods and goddesses who can't seem to trust one another with the simplest of secrets, and all along the way they must not only battle for their lives, but through their growing emotions for each other... It's a thrilling ride full of twists, turns, passion, humor and the occasional shirtless god of Death! *For glory and for gore.... #greekmythology #darkromance Covers by @I3sbianaf


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