When Love Crosses C...
By Mithrabrinda
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Previously named as "Italian Mafia's Indian Love" Hide!. Hide!..From their preying eyes , Hide!.. from the merciless Gun shots Hide!..from the poisonous air they breathe, Hide!..from those disgusting words emerging from their mouths. It has been an hour I'm hiding under the bushes. Now i felt relived there is no more scaring sound of foot steps and avenge-full gunshots. The only reason I need to live my life is to save the little bundle of joy in my womb. "No one can take away from me! MAMMA will save you at any cost" I just closed my eyes and started thinking how I ended in Italy from My Mother County India! VENICE.. One of the most beautiful places I fell in love with. The day my Mom and dad left this world leaving me with my Aunt Olivia(my dad's cousin) . She is a daughter of Italian business man Alberto and my father's maternal Aunt Chandra. In short she is my another mother. I compelled her to leave as it was important to carry over her father's business after his death.But those 2 years become hell for me and finally I left India and stayed with my Aunt! I just wanna to start a new life in Italy, But i didn't think my life will turn upside-down when I met this person.He is not an ordinary man but a man in Mafia, He is the King of Italian Mafia. They call him "THE BOSS".He is the one and only Alessandro Lombardi! The name itself makes a lot of people lives living hell but not for me the second person who doesn't fear for him is Marco Bianchi. A second feared Italian mob. And he is also my Aunt's son,in other other words my Cousin! Mrs.Olivia Bianchi adopted me so my last name changed from Krishnan to Bianchi but now it became Lombardi!.Mrs.Riya Alessandro Lombardi. This is love Story between a Normal Indian Woman and An Powerful Italian Mafia... Does Love Crosses Continents? .... Does this Mafia Chose to save his promise to his Father or chose to save his only Woman he loves?..

1.The Beginning!

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When Love...
by Mithrabrinda