Winter Has Come | ?...
By xanabanana66x
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+WATTPAD FEATURED+ A bitter blizzard sweeps through the streets of sixteen-year-old Amelia Harris' town, leaving her fighting for her life. The power clicks off, food runs scarce, and Amelia must do all she can to protect the family she loves. With her autistic sister silently fading away, and her mother growing weaker by the second, Amelia, knowing she is the only one who can save them now, must venture into the cold, icy world outside - one that is full of ploys and secrets. Only the expedition gone wrong soon brings her to the presence of a mysterious boy named Joshua. And he only seems to raise questions. Why did the storm hit when it did? Or was it really a freak storm at all? A novel about love, danger, and keeping your mouth zipped when it needs to be. Sequel, WINTER WENT, is published. + + + Readers' thoughts - "This was so good and I want to see it in bookstores and someone needs to adapt it into a play and a movie honest to God" - "Oh my dear God! What an ending! Now I have to read the second one!" - "I can't believe you did this author - THIS IS NOT OKAY!" +++ -FEATURED AUTHOR of 2019 Shay Spencer's Contests- - Winner of the Reach For The Stars Awards (Mystery and Thriller) - -Winner of the Rare Diamond Awards- -Featured Author of the Month 2018 (June) on Shay Writes Smiles- -Featured on Wattpad Winter Wonders reading list on home page- - Featured by Wattpad YA Fiction Reading List- - Wattpad Dystopian+Apocalypse Fiction Reading List - -Featured on Shay Spencer's Fall Reading List- -Wattpad Superhero Fiction Reading List- -Wattpad Fantasy Wintery Worlds Reading List- Cover by @Ink_Smoke_ZS Highest ranking: #388 in mystery and thriller (23/12/17) COMPLETED STORY

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Winter Ha...
by xanabanana66x