All She Knew
By Mistress_Alwaysyours
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The Stones were an enigmatic group of siblings that drew attention to them everywhere they went. They were beautiful in an ethereal way, in that they never walked, they glided across air like they owned it and everything they touched. They were territorial, not much for accepting new people, so tell me how I, Nemyosyn Cane, managed to catch their attention. ---------------------------------------------------------------- When Nemyosyn Cane is faced with a vital piece of her past by none other than the mysterious Stone siblings, she has to choose to either run, risking not only her life, but the lives of the Stones and billions as well or stay and accept the role fate dealt her. Will Nemyosyn choose to accept her new reality, or will she crumble? All she knew is that she didn't know what do do.

All She Knew Was Herself

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All She K...
by Mistress_Alwaysyours