Salt for Air
By writerg8rl
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Meet Ellie: Fanfiction writer, nerd extraordinaire, or just a high school girl who loves to read. These days she's battling grief and loneliness, as she recently lost her dad, but...that's not all she's battling against. ***** What is Ellie doing with her head pushed inside a toilet, and the mean girls of her high school standing over her, laughing? Dying, that's what. And then a boy appears, right inside the toilet, and presses his lips to hers, saving her life. You know, normal stuff. Breathing in water, hearing voices at her house through the water pipes... Up to this moment,Ellie had nothing good going on in her life, except for her successful fanfic. And fangirling in general. (She has a wall full of Sherlock and John fanart and teen shows about mermaids). Now what is happening to her? Who is the gorgeous boy with the emerald eyes? And why does he want her to die in his place? This is a story about bullying, Greek mythology and mermaids. And some fangirling. Actually scratch that. A LOT of fangirling.

1. Don't die, you idiot!

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Salt for...
by writerg8rl