(OLD) Corruption...
By Mini_Crushies
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Update: As of Feb. 3rd, 2020, I'm updating the description for future readers. I do not care if you read this, but I'm removing the description and placing this in instead because I do not want to associate with this story anymore. I had written it when I was 12, and there are many, many things wrong with it. I cannot stop you from reading the story if that is what you choose to do. I just ask that you are aware that this story is not at all representative of my current skill level and it is something I no longer want to be known for. This is edge for the sake of edge and is not planned out at all. Please find something better to read, or at least understand this is horrendous and horribly written. Thank you.

Chapter One - Left in the Dark

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(OLD) Cor...
by Mini_Crushies