Ms. Billionaire //C...
By lillycollins2000
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No. 9 on #girlpower as of 19th May 2018. She stands alone facing the world. She's never had friends, never had a social life, just one person to call family. It's always been her against the world but will one business decision change everything for the better? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now, all of us have read about those hot, sexy billionaire guys who make it big in their early 20s. They are rude, arrogant and jerks but still get the most amazing girls. Now reverse the roles. Picture a sexy, rich, dashing, successfully, arrogant and rude girl who makes it big in her early 20s. Add a spicy hot guy to it and a little bit of drama. That's what you will find here. This is about Inertia Louis who is the world's richest business person. Join her on her ride in her Bugatti on the bumpy roads of Ms. Billionaire.


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Ms. Billi...
by lillycollins2000