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Traumatized after witnessing the sudden death of his loving wife, emergency responder Travis Pates watches his life take a downward turn when he is suspended for drinking on the job. With no family, no job, and unable to sleep due to vivid and terrifying nightmares, Travis decides can no longer go on. Then one morning he wakes to find a lost child wandering down the highway alone, whose bravery and simplistic view of the world gives Travis the courage to face another day. But when he returns to work with an inspired outlook on life things go from bad to worse. A Pacific storm had caused a tanker filled with thousands of gallons of crude oil to go missing off the dangerous and rocky coast of Washington State. Travis and his team are sent to investigate its last known whereabouts: a mysterious uncharted island where something is not quite right. It seems every survivor has gone mad. When a man kills himself, the helicopter makes a crash landing, leaving Travis and his team stranded. While working together in the hostile conditions, it doesn't take long for deadly secrets to emerge and alliances to form. The only woman he can trust now isn't who she claims to be, but the lead suspect to one of the deadliest terrorist attacks in American history. Then, rising from the earth comes a new, hungry threat. It can't be stopped. It can't be killed, and it's rapidly taking over the island. Travis begins to wonder what is causing this phenomenon, how is it possible this island doesn't appear on any map, and what mysterious link did Travis and his team members share? He has limited time to find out, because they are running out of food, they have no water, and his fellow crew members are starting exhibit some strangely aggressive behavior. . .

Chapter 1

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by LoganScott0