To Hell and Back...
By Pj_Fresh
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To all people who don't know what vamp-verse is, why are you even reading this? To all of you who do know what is, i'm still confused on why you're here. I tried very hard to find what actually happens in Vamp-Verse, but I couldn't find anything. So don't start commenting stuff like 'OMG THIS IS TOTALLY NO WHAT HAPPENS' Because I seriously don't have the time to deal with it with my other five fan-fictions I'm dealing with. From what I do know, Error (or Fallacy) is a vampire and Ink (or Encre) is a famous artist. PJ (or Jasper) Is a pupil of Fallacy and Fresh (or Suave) Works for him. There are other character like Frisk (Fifi) and Fell Sans (Rufous) but they'll come in later. I am so sorry fr not writing the real story and I take no credit for the characters. Also, this is based on undertale which is by Toby Fox so please don't read this book unless you've completed the game or watched a let's play because some parts may contain major spoilers. Now, without further adieu, Let's get to the book!


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To Hell a...
by Pj_Fresh