Maybe It Was (COMPL...
By Falling_Angel_77
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After her parents are killed, sixteen-year-old Tori's world was being torn apart. Not only does she have to move on from the loss of her parents, she had to leave everything that she had known. Leaving a big city in Colorado and entering a small town of Pennsylvania, she was miserable. That was until a late-night meeting of the boy from the wrong side of town. Scott was the small town bad boy, running with a small group of misfits. Not quite the knight in shining armor on a white horse that Tori dreamed of meeting. He was the hero in the leather jacket that arrived in a pick-up truck. Was it fate that brought them together? Maybe it was... Note: This book has cursing, alcohol use and hints of sexual encounters.

Chapter One

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Maybe It...
by Falling_Angel_77