Flame of the Connar...
By KaieSpace
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  • dystopian
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  • postapocalyptic
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ON HIATUS When a combative Celtic princess and a feral boy raised by wild cats in the ruined jungles of a lost world join forces, neither tribal power struggles nor the attacks of jungle beasts can separate them. But will they be able to survive the monstrous invading horde lying in wait in the shifting Otherworld mists on the edge of the jungle? Edana is a volatile crown princess who'd rather be a warrior any day. When her tribe is banished from their kingdom in ancient Cornwall by the Druids of the Tuatha de Danaan, Edana seizes the opportunity and tries to take charge of the Connariian war band. But between being assigned an ambitious, amorous partner and co-captain, the warnings of her wise-woman/seer sister of impending doom, and the mysterious dark man in the jungle they stumble upon, Edana is going to have a terrible time realizing her dreams of martial glory. A story about home, belonging & leading well. Oh, and kicking monster ass. Legends of the Connarii is a series of Otherworld time and dimension travel adventures broken into roughly 70,000 word volumes starting with Flame of the Connarii. YA Fantasy/SF blend with kickass action, strong female lead, Celtic-flavoured fantasy & light romance. A light, occasionally silly compilation of all the things I loved as a teen, really: warrior chicks, Tarzan, over-the-top bad-guy accents, cat mascots, magic... Updates Tuesdays. Based on fresh edits of one of my earliest novels, although things may diverge as they go. Comments very much appreciated!

Chapter 1: The Connarii are lost

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Flame of...
by KaieSpace