The Slave Princess
By justsoverypretty
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"No one must know about this, love" he said and held her face in his hand, she nodded shyly. After his rejection, she thought that was it, she had played a game and lost, drastically. "I'll be as quiet as a mouse" she whispered and he gave her a playful smirk. ~~~~~ Anya is an overactive teenager raging with hormones, she can't help it if she likes chains and whips, she definitely can't help if if she feels attracted to her betrothed's male maid and perhaps a little persuasion will help her get exactly what she likes especially since she's used to just that... Darius is a maid, that's all. He doesn't smile much, he doesn't talk much and he most especially does not want to tie up his master's future bride. But when the sly little vixen tempts him, will he be able resist? Warning: no part of this book should be copied, this is MY book and if you want to 'modify' or 'borrow ideas' you let me know. DO NOT COPY!!! Seriously don't, I will sue you. Cover by @GraphicsNation👌👌

The Betrothal

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The Slave...
by justsoverypretty