Regrets and sorrows
By MiraculouslyJerza
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An arranged marriage was set for Adrien Agreste, who suspected it to be his classmate back in Coll├Ęge. Unfortunately for him, things took a turn, and for the worse. 6 years later, he meets a young woman who had long, flowy, Raven-blue hair. She was almost as tall as him, having to be the same age. Their abrupt meeting soon turned into something more... However their love story didn't end there. In fact, it was just getting started. -----------------------Excerpt------------------------- "Oh, uh-Hello!" The bluenette stuttered waving to the depressed blond boy who was sitting on the bench. The bluenette sighed and sat beside him looking at the sight before them. "It's a beautiful day, isn't it?" She asked, trying to push away the thoughts of Nathanael and his other girlfriend. Wait, was she ever his girlfriend? She thought. Adrien simply nodded and watched the blunette's reaction change from happy to gloomy. He wanted to help her, but he know approaching her would be a bad idea. Especially with Chloe being angry and all, he didn't want to drag her into this mess. "I don't get you." He whispered. Marinette gasped and stiffened up at the blonde's sudden words. "Why do you never talk to me?" WARNING: This is FAR from a happy story :) {SLOW UPDATES}

Chapter 1: A blooming friendship

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Regrets a...
by MiraculouslyJerza