The dog that howls
By Skittlesxx0
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You're a young 24-year-old mateless she-wolf named Iris Brown. You and your brother Milo was taken in, in a pack named dark moon after your parents died, the current Alpha agreed to take you two in. But ever since the new Alpha has been chosen, he couldn't care less about you or your brother Milo. But to make things worse, your brother has a mate that is human and is immediately banished out of the pack. You used all your Courage and hate for the pack to leave and venture out in search of your brother and the human-infested city. Without money, or any way of taking care of yourself you need to learn how to survive in the city without alarming to humans of what you are. So you do so as hiding yourself as a dog thinking it would be easier to take care of yourself and doing so, but the problem is your bigger than the average dog and looks nothing like a cute Chihuahua. What happens when you end up in a pound and the Parker family decides to take you in? Enjoy♥


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The dog t...
by Skittlesxx0