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Love is sugar, spice, and everything nice, that's such a fucking cliche, sorry for the F word but that's what I think, so I ended up slacking off at work, why am I even a fucking cupid anyway, every fucking love stories are the same, humans are insane, shit, big boss will kill me if he finds out about this, too much F word on this blog but hell yeah, why did they have to make me a fucking human being, and spread the love on earth, that's so fucking unfair, just because I ended up crashing the computer and deleting all the pending OTPs, shit, its not like the end of the world, well...their world because I'm not human anyway, like, what I've said, i'm a fucking cupid. So, here I am, on my way to earth because they put me on detention, I'm a fucking cupid under probation ready to spread love love love... XoXo: In Loving Memory of a... A Cupid Named Kim Mingyu... P: S: I'm not dead though but living on earth is gonna be the death of me... Kim Mingyu is a cupid, he's a newbie cupid at the heaven's love agency All About Love LOve LOve, homo division. .After causing a pandemonium on All About Love Love Love's I.T department, his big Boss Kim Taehyung sent him down to earth as his punishment while making sure that he's doing his duty as a cupid...Follow his adventures, misadventures, first kisses, strawberries, lipbalm, beers, handcuffs and everything in between...All with the help of his human mentor, more like tormentor Jeon Wonwoo, who's grandfather sold his soul to his boss Taehyung's father, Daehyun sunbaenim, so tadah...Wonwoo has no ehem...babysit Mingyu...and help him spread love love love..

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