Love marriage...
By ThezaKrishna04
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"I hate you Arjun, What were you doing with that girl? What are you trying to prove Arjun? Don't you dare think I'm jealous? Because I'm not" She yelled at the top of her voice. Ohhhh my Strawberry she's sooo inoocent that she don't know to even conceal her jealousy....... My doll's cheeks were glistening with tears, her eyes have become bigger and her lips were trembling due to her whimpers which turned me on wildly. God how much I want to smooch that plum rosy lips. I know she's furious but even her angry look lures me. I wanted nothing but to hug the beauty and make love to her all night. Oops Arjun concentrate; your doll is angry; it's not the time to have wild thoughts man Varuna Ramachandran, an independent girl with her own dream career, blessed with loving family, friends is very contented in her life. The last thing she wants to do is to love before marriage and make her life hell with clumsiness and melodramas. Who knows why is she always against love. What happens when she crosses path with a handsome hunk, Arjun Krishna a well built, arrogant, caring, possessive and eminent police officer. Let's follow the life of Varuna Ramachandran in this story and discover her love encounters. This story takes place in Tamil Nadu, the southern part of India so basically Varuna is a Tamilian


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Love marr...
by ThezaKrishna04