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#16 in Spiritual (12/3/17) Her heart was silently twisted and scarred, Her tongue was tied and lips were sealed, Her eyes forecasted and silence spoke volumes, She hid her pain whilst saving others, Letting him carve her skin, Till the last drop of blood oozed out of her flesh. She wore those scars with a hollow smile, Until her knight came with a mirthful grin, He had no shining armour or a sword; Just a heart of pure gold, He picked her up and showed her the way; To the path which led to colors. She walked on a lane bloomed with flowers, But now she knew to look for the thorns, She healed other from the wounds she had, She was Scarred to be mend, She was pushed to be held. Disclaimer: No part of this book is in anyway associated with real life character or events. The story may contain Muslim characters but they are NOT the real image of the religion. Warning: This story contains slightly mature content and violence. Cover Credit: ItsFirstMalaika

Distorted Dreams

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