The Project (Comple...
By JayZoned
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A deadly chase begun when 15 year old Carolynn Freesoul found herself in connection with the hideous institution of Project Seraphims called The Defiance- a race dedicated to rid the world from demons. In her years of being an orphaned kid, she never thought of anything this vicious to poison her walled, isolated dystopian city. As the shadows unravel her life, including the kidnap of her boyfriend, she decided to join Kruxian- a charming unnatural boy who drives her in more diverse choices. Torn between two lovers, Carolynn shall make an important role in defending the city walls from the unmistakably strange creatures and their ruling sinister-Valdemere. In her fate, there is nothing ever more taunting than Valdemere visiting her in her most bitter-sweet dreams. What if the world around you wasn't what it really looks like? What if in just a blink of an eye you'll find yourself in a forgotten history? There is only one act you should do- FIGHT.

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The Proje...
by JayZoned