Smitten Kitten
By hyrule
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When Vika gets kicked out of her flat, she moves in with her friend under one condition--she must babysit Cleo--the friend's best man's cat! She doesn't expect Cleo's owner to be the cold but delectably sexy Noel. And it turns out they'll be spending a lot of time together... ***** Self-proclaimed unambitious Vika is down on her luck. She's been fired from her job, kicked out of her apartment, and now she finds herself on her best friend's fiance's couch facing writer's block and a dreary future. To top it all off, she has to earn her keep by taking care of her friends' best man's cat. Vika's their maid of honour, so she can't exactly say no to such a simple request, especially when the best man in question is the drop-dead gorgeous Noel. Soon, sparks fly between Noel and Vika, but their chemistry is put to the test as wedding duties get underway. Can they keep the fire burning long enough not to make a scene at their friends' wedding? [[word count: 60,000-70,000 words]] Cover designed by Ashley Santoro

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Smitten K...
by hyrule