Behind This Wall(BW...
By ihatethisyo
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"HELLO! Welcome my lovely chocolate señoritas to the Warehouse where we make you feel special.We make you feel good.I know we all want to.Am I right?I know everyone is confused so I will run through the basics.You will be staying here for ten weeks.Ten weeks with no contact ,no school ,nada.Sorry for the worries this may cause your folks but it's worth it.Each week is a stage.This week is just for you to get to know your master.You Might as well since you see him everyday from now on.Each day,your master will check in at 4 after your livestream of your classes are finished.Your master will record and you will watch.You do the work,we'll provide the materials and your master will provide homework.Don't worry your teachers will not be suspicious.We got that covered.Wednesday is a check in day where the big boss comes in to see the progress.On Saturdays and Sunday you are free to do as pleased.Breakfast is at 8 am,Lunch at 1pm and dinner at 6pm .Bathrooms are located at the end of each hall.Doors will always be unlocked so go in and out as you please.Not like you can leave.The rest your master can explain." The Warehouse is where they take the victims.Woman of color to be exact.A group of white boys choosing who they want to devour sexually for ten weeks.Girls who are afraid and who are willing.Girls who are trying to get from behind this wall.


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Behind Th...
by ihatethisyo