I'm mates with TWIN...
By vampirepengiun
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Sloan Hawkeye is a typical teenage she wolf waiting for her mate to come and sweep her off her paws. she's been planning this day her whole life but when it comes down to it she didn't quiet expect it to happen like this.. she didn't think she would have 2 mates well TWIN ALPHAS to be exact! Derrick and Danny Knight are twins they are also the alphas of The Moon Blood pack. they haven't found their mates yet but that hasn't stopped them from fooling around a little with some other girls, they've been labeled many things from the drive through twins to the holiday twinns. Derrick and Danny have gone through almost every girl in their high school and pack. Derrick is the stubborn, cocky, dominant one while Danny is the sweet and caring one but both are equally sexy and the both of them never get denied of what they want.

Chapter 1

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I'm mates...
by vampirepengiun