Nightshade - Vengea...
By xxRazmatazxx
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Book #1 in the Nightshade series (The story is complete but undergoing some heavy editing. I'll try to upload once a week) The truth was all consuming and it came with a price. The cost of vengeance left a bitter taste in her mouth. Unable to move on, from the unsolved and mysterious circumstances of her mother's murder, Skylar was left with one option-vengenance. Cast aside as a troubled child, Skylar found herself recruited into a specialized unite that turned her into a government-owned assassin called Nightshade. Equipped with all the needed skills, to hunt down the man behind her mother's murder, she embarked on a mission back to Lunarlake City-a place filled with her childhood trauma. Skylar soon discovered that things weren't what they seem as she met Jason Knight, a rich and powerful businessman with some dark secrets of his own. Together, Skylar and Jason unravelled the truth and learned that their paths were more intertwined than they thought. They fell dangerously together; into a whirlwind of passion, secrets and lies. The truth was all consuming and it did come with a price.


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by xxRazmatazxx