Argent Glass, a GMO...
By richellerenae
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Selected for BRIGHT YOUNG MINDS in Wattpad @Mystery (2019) Andrew and Evan are teen conspiracy theorists looking for adventure. They would like nothing more than to confirm the no-fly zone near their New Mexico homes is another alien cover-up by the government and not some guy in a tin-foil hat. Sneaking in to have a little look around a secret biome where deadly crops are being engineered might not be the best idea they've had all summer. Dr. Carrel, an employee of the bioscience company that owns the dome, has stolen documents that could reveal the vegetables being created will have deadly ramifications around the world. Carrel is en route to the desert facility to warn the unwitting scientists they aren't creating a better bio-fuel or corn to feed the masses. But if the scientists stop working, it will cost billions of dollars, and the company won't let that happen. After Andrew and Evan sneak past an electric fence and a helicopter armed with soldiers toting mean-looking guns, they unknowingly cross paths with Carrel. Carrel covertly passes the memory card holding the information that can expose the company, and when Andrew is mistaken for being a cohort of Carrel's, he gets shot by security. The fate of millions rests on the hands of two teens who don't even know they have a part to play. They're going to have to fight through their pain and fear to make their way to the dome, or all of humanity is going to pay the price. ====== TRIGGER WARNING Some gun violence and war scenes. One mild sex scene that fades to black. ======================= This might be the first book you've read or the thousandth, but did you know voting for chapters helps others find this story? It does! ======================= Find more selections in the Wattpad @Mystery BRIGHT YOUNG MINDS category: ======================= Added to WattpadExplorer's Hidden Gems collection. Check them out for other gems you may have missed.

Chapter 1 - Conspire - Andrew

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Argent Gl...
by richellerenae