Heroes: A Marvel Fa...
By ChrisMien48
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"Hello reader! I'm trying to get back and rewrite this story. The years have been exceptionally rough since our house burned down back in 2018. As of July 8, 2020, Chapter 2 has been rewritten." Sokovia fell from the sky, mutants were revealed to be fact, and inhumans are popping up around the world. Chaos was a word the is ill-suited to describe something as such. However, hope still exists in the hearts of people thus they rest easy knowing that this hope are their dear heroes; the Avengers, X-men, and the Fantastic Four. Explore a unique take on the odd and entertaining Marvel Universe as you delve further into the personalities and backgrounds of familiar characters such as Loki and the Black Widow. Scenes such as the helicarrier and Latveria will be visited and other original characters would be introduced. DISCLAIMER: The characters and settings all belong to their respective owner (Marvel Comics).

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Heroes: A...
by ChrisMien48