Never wake a Dragon...
By Avylinn
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The saying goes - don't poke the bear. It should be - don't poke a dragon. Adeem lives his life in the shadows of Stockholm, stealing memories from unsuspecting humans whenever it suits him. But with a knack for getting into trouble, and a serious hatred for authority, his life is about to take a turn. Finding out that the new Guardian of Stockholm hosts a sleeping dragon inside is a problem he can't ignore. As the first dragon Guardian, Kyung has to play his cards right - especially if he wants to destroy the institution that ruined his life. The council has ruled the world for too long, rewriting history to suit their cause. But when Kyung crosses paths with Adeem, the demon that has chased off all the previous Guardians of Stockholm, he knows this is his one chance to set his plans for revenge in motion. But trust between a demon and a dragon is difficult at best. Impossible, at worst. However, the moment Kyung realizes his dragon is about to wake up, everything changes. Absolutely everything.


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Never wak...
by Avylinn