It Began with a Goo...
By Riley_Berg
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"What happened, Master Wong?" "She... she's gone. Your mother." I stare in disbelief. "Gone? Gone? As in dead?" Wong makes no reply except to nod. The world slowly spins around me. [a Doctor Strange fanfiction] Sophy has led a surprisingly inconspicuous life considering her heritage, so far as anyone left at Kamar-Taj remembers. But when Wong calls to tell her that her mother died during Kaecilius' attempt to bring the Dark Dimension to Earth, she feels obliged to rejoin her mother's people. With a goodbye to her friends, she returns to Kamar-Taj and finds it increasingly more difficult to remain inconspicuous. Add concerned friends, an obnoxiously stoic Wong, a comically sentient Cloak, a mysterious Doctor, and an unwanted family reunion, and things are never going to be the same. (this story is cross-posted on FanFiction)

Chapter One

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It Began...
by Riley_Berg