My Beloved Mate
By WorldWriter_1
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[MANxMAN/Mpreg] Prequel/Book 0.5 to 'My Mate' Series: Lionel Bellum wasn't the brightest and when his mother left when he was younger, he had a fear of the same thing happening to him. After his father remarried and started to focus on his new family, Lionel felt like an outsider and decided to leave after his high school Graduation and distance himself from his unwanted family. Moving to a new town and finding a job wasn't easy but he did and is happy with the life he has, he even made friends that he was sure would stick by him through thick and thin. Even if Lionel doesn't believe in love, he wants someone to be there for him, someone to hold him, and spend the rest of his life. To his surprise, it's the man he very much disliked. Zechariah Sanderson is the Alpha of the Midnight Howlers. He was strict yet kind and demand but respectful when he needs to be. Zechariah has been waiting for his mate for six years and when he finally finds out who it is, he was very disappointed and scared. Zechariah doesn't want a human mate that could put his whole kind to the world and they would be hunted for the rest of their lives. He doesn't want to take any chances but when his wolf convinced him to try, he's very cautions which causes his mate to dislike him. Soon they started to get closer but there's a new pack that threatens Lionel's safety. What would Zechariah do? What would Lionel do when he finds out the person he started to like wasn't human at all?

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My Belove...
by WorldWriter_1