The Transfers
By Slytherin-Heir
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Draco Malfoy and Tabitha Bane, two of the most well known Slytherins in all of Hogwarts. The two come from wealthy, pureblood families and are both Death Eaters. Bane was given privilege by Voldemort to have her own Death Eater group, which Malfoy is a part of. The two have attended Hogwarts since their first year, until now. While they should be attending Hogwarts for their fifth year, the two are being transferred on Dumbledore's orders, to a different Magical School. ** Authors Note: This is my own personal twist on Harry Potter, of course, all original ideas from the books and movies belong to the wonderful JK Rowling. This story series is a side-series to my other books (Starting with 'The Heir of Slytherin' to 'It Ended There') but it is not necessary that you read those. If you are uncomfortable with curse words, there will be some here and there... that is all -Gracesen **

Chapter 1

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The Trans...
by Slytherin-Heir