Greys II - Ghosts
By TierneyDanae
  • Fantasy
  • angel
  • angels
  • antihero
  • betrayal
  • blood
  • clan
  • darkangel
  • darkangels
  • death
  • demon
  • demons
  • fallen
  • fallenangel
  • fallenangels
  • fantasy
  • fight
  • greys
  • heaven
  • hell
  • mature
  • nephilim
  • newadult
  • violence
  • wings


Where do you go after everything falls apart? Do you retreat to the life you hated or stumble forward into the unknown? After the clan's dissolution, each must decide which path to take. Nevaeh and Kael choose ice, though in differing ways, hard and numbing. James chooses fire, the only way he's ever known. And Jordan, she chooses dust, shadows, letting herself disappear completely... But there is strength in numbers and weakness in isolation. And with ghosts from their past at their heels, can they survive on their own? #Mature due to disturbing themes, violence, depression, addiction & withdrawl, non-con, language, and a whole slew of other reasons. Basically just not for the kids. Ghosts is darker than Intentions and should be treated as such, and though I am a dark writer - everything serves a purpose and redemption is a theme throughout the series. Nothing is done merely for writer's sadism. You need to live in the dark to appreciate the light...or at least, the lighter greys. #sorry

Chapter 1 - Little Deaths

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Greys II...
by TierneyDanae