Gaara Sakura fanfic...
By LoveAnime5891
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COMPLETED STORY Disclaimer: I do not own the Naruto Series. All credits belong to Kishimoto. But this story is based on it. NOTE: Please read the description carefully. Don't want my readers to think that this is not a GaaSaku story. This is a GaaSaku story. :) This plot continues where Sakura and Naruto are setting off to bring their dear friend back, Sasuke, who is consumed by hatred and vengeance to kill his brother, Itachi. With the help of their allies, the sand siblings came to help them during the mission. At that time, Gaara finds out that Sakura has been in love with Sasuke ever since they were young after overhearing Naruto and Shikamaru's conversation. A couple of months later after failing the task, Sakura and her friends are returning the favor to save Gaara's student, Matsuri.

Chapter 1: The Fallen Leaf

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Gaara Sak...
by LoveAnime5891