A Sack of Wishes (N...
By ummyasmeen
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*This story is now just a preview. Get the published version on Instagram and the following bookstores. Contact me for further details. @tarbiyahbooksplus @amabbooks @adamspages @patabahbooks Nazzybookshop Kano Sulaiman Bookshop Gombe Oasis books and resources No.12 sultan Road, Unguwar Sarki, Kaduna. Hauwa Dodo Katsina Professor Asabe Kabir Sokoto Ummulkhairi Sokoto Zizah salon Bauchi Highest ranking #19 in GF. I heard the thud again. It was so close and so hard, I pulled him closer to me and hugged him more closing my eyes as if shutting out the impending danger and heartache that came along with it. The metal clanging continued, then the dreaded movement of the locks followed as usual, now I waited for the gush of harmattan air to follow suit, and there he was standing by the door, the moonlight further enhancing his features making him appear mightier than he really was. I closed my eyes pretending to be really asleep, but I could hear what he was doing, the shuffling telling me that he was getting ready to sleep. Turning the screen on my Nokia 3310 on, I saw the time. It was 1: 45 am, that was later than the time he came in yesterday. I arranged the wrapper I used to cover my two-month old baby, and tried to sleep. But my eyes wouldn't close shut. One day I will be the one out that fence if I don't do something now, one day he would come into this house with the evidence of what he'd been about doing all over his body, and on that day I won't have anything to say or do. My name is Hadiza Musa, I'm Twenty five years old and I live in hell. Well, not the one blazing with fire and scary angels, but the torment i'm facing in my supposedly home was becoming unbearable by the minute. I've been married for eight years to my husband, by now i'm supposed to have gotten used to all of his antics and shenanigans, but he was a real master. Master at the game of deceit. ************

*This story is now just a preview.*

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A Sack of...
by ummyasmeen