A Dark Inclination...
By LaDameBlanche
  • Paranormal
  • darkseries
  • elves
  • fae
  • kidnap
  • king
  • magic
  • pirates
  • prince
  • smugglers


PART TWO of the Wattys 2015 Award Winning People's choice story - A Dark Imperfection The Fae are dying, sickness stalks the land and some find relief from fear by escaping in dark pleasures. The discovery of a hidden cache of Blue Rapture, a drug used to suppress inhibitions, unwittingly draws newly wedded Luel into a deadly and dangerous world where only her quick wits and determination to return to her beloved Eavan will keep her alive Tensions are already running high in the Kingdom as Prince Corin and the Dark Fae Prince Laen find their friendship put to the test. Corin has charged Eavan with the task of making his army a lethal fighting force incase the future becomes as dangerous as he fears it might. Caught up with pirates and smugglers, and with no escape in sight, Eavan, Corin and Laen must put their recent differences aside and hide their identities in pursuit of Luel and her kidnappers, the drug dealers spreading misery around their realm. Across the seas, in a matriarchal world far removed from Alfheim, the Elven race are desired as pleasure slaves for their beauty. In this world danger lurks in every corner, your every desire can be bought for a price ... and everyone's trust is pushed to the limit

Welcome to Part 2 of A Dark Imperfection

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A Dark In...
by LaDameBlanche