Human Interaction
By tigerlilyforyou
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"Sometimes, you replay the events in your head and wonder what was the right words to say. You never felt so alone and yet only one person can cure the empty feeling in your heart. I want to cry in frustration because I know I'm all to blame for this: this disaster I got Kaiser and me in." This virus had spread like malicious gossip has everyone cowered in fear, to the cities underground. This mutation was neither natural or bio-engineered, it was mother nature wreaking havoc against us, it has over ninety percent kill rate. Animals seem to take a different to the virus, they basically bathed in knowing that humans are fair game, hence them becoming immune to the virus. They developed feature's that made them astronomically large to proportion and basically merge with the species around them. Kaiser, a Surfacer sets out to accomplish what many before him have; extinguish this virus and find were it orientated from. Until his adventure ends him up in a laboratory with some secrets of its own. Until he meets Akira, who strives for the same thing as him; destroying the virus. But will her narrow mind allow her to see past her deceptive team of scientist and see the truth hidden within the ground? Find out more in the Supernatural Adventure, HUMAN INTERACTION.


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Human Int...
by tigerlilyforyou