NEIN (girlxgirl)
By alabastersnow
  • Romance
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Rated 18+ for themes of lesbian sex, violence, gore, and crude language. °°°° The Regius Praesidio Academy accepts only the bravest; the people who have experienced and survived through the worst. Natasja Armand is french, beautiful, smart, rich and everything the perfect girl can be. Her past? Not so perfect. Revenge for the death of her parents is what keeps her going through the harshness of the Academy. Her plan was simple enough: find the witness, locate the murderer, and kill. But when she is roomed with the hot top notcher of the school that everyone steers clear of, she's slightly distracted. Kael Maddox may be blind, but she has seen things no one was ever meant to even imagine. She can name a thousand different ways to torture someone before killing them. But she can't name what she's starting to feel for the new girl with the soft, french tinted voice she hears everyday. When the enemy's attack cause both women to run for their lives, buried truths come out and dark twists are turned darker. "Just don't fucking trust her, you hear me?"


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NEIN (gir...
by alabastersnow