Peace In Slavery
By PrinceKenzie
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**MUST READ SAFETY IN SLAVERY** Book 2 of 'In Slavery' Trilogy A long way from home and away from the man that drove him into depression, 'Lorcan' has slowly adjusted to his new life. He's gained scars, some friends, and a very handsome Irishman. He focuses on the scenery, working a job he doesn't really need, and pretending to be happy. There is one thing troubling him though and it's the odd feeling of discomfort he feels at having to make his own decisions. Having grown accustomed to being told what to do in just about every aspect of his life, he is having trouble adjusting to a life that isn't dictated by one man. The lengths he goes to feel the domination he now craves gets him into more trouble than he could ever imagine and this time, he does not have a hot-tempered Italian coming to his rescue.

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Peace In...
by PrinceKenzie