Someone Is Watching...
By dishakamath
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Did you ever felt that someone is watching you? I know it is a stupid question. You are not even a living being, then how can you feel? Right now, I'm so desperate that I can't even tell you how I felt when I realised that someone was watching me. But is it even possible that someone is watching me? You know, mom always used to tell me that Mumbai city is the safest place in our country. I always felt the samething, but since yesterday, I'm scared and feel so stalkerish. I cannot even tell my mom what happened with me and I can't even tell this to anyone, because it creeps me and it scares the hell out of me. I never felt like this before because I thought no one really cares here. Moreover, to be honest it is true. There is no one cares about anyone. Infact, I always thought no one would even look at me. Because I'm not beautiful or even sexy. Hell, I'm not even slim like any sexy slim ladies, then why anyone will be interested in me?

Someone Is Watching Me?

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Someone I...
by dishakamath