Destined to be toge...
By fahimachougule
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I started stepping back as I saw him dangerously coming towards me. "Pl.. Please leave me...just go away". I said to him. But it doesn't effect him. "You don't know for how long I have been waiting for this day".He said. Suddenly I felt the wall behind me. My heart was beating so fast. He kept his hands on either side of me on the wall and leaned towards my face. ❇❇❇❇❇❇❇❇❇ Sameer is the most eligible bachelor of America. He is a successful business man. He is a workaholic person. He gets angry easily. He never showed interest in any girl but one girl took his breath away. "Zoya" Zoya is a beautiful middle class girl. She is wants to become C.A. She is kind hearted and hard working girl. She wants to be a successful person in her life. But one day her life changes when she met him."Sameer" What will happen when she gets a job in Sameer's company and she doesn't know about it? How will she react when she gets know that?Will she work with him or left him? Start reading to know further. ❇❇❇❇❇❇❇❇ Assalamwalaikum my lovely readers. I am so happy that you supported my first book"happy to be his". This is my second book"destined to be together". I hope you will like this story as you liked my first story. Please ignore my mistakes and Don't judge the story my reading only the first chapter.


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by fahimachougule