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**Highest rank in Horror: 61** {Since May 19, 2018} ~*•~•*~ "You okay? Jack asked, once he returned with an aid-kit in his hand. "Yeah." I stated. I hiccuped. Jack frowned. "You're lying." ~*•~•*~ It's hard to keep secrets, when you hiccup every time you tell a lie. Keeping secrets, was pretty damn hard for you. Sometimes people need privacy too, but in this case, nope. The Angels decided to punish you. Sometimes you wonder, is this all just a dream? Or is this a blood-curling nightmare? One things for sure. ~*•~•*~ This ride, will never end. 《This is a Laughing Jack X Reader Fanfiction》(#Creepypasta Genre) Supporters: Everybody :) By: @iPsychoPast Cover is not mine, but was edited by me. :) !WARNING!: This book contains slight gore, strong language, and violence. !Disclaimer!: I do not own you, you own you. :) I also do not own any Creepypasta characters in this book. They all belong to their rightful owner. Also this book was based on a K-Drama I really loved. It's called Pinocchio and it's reallllllyyyyy gooooddd. You guys should watch it :) Thank you for reading! Hope you enjoy!~ ^-^ ♡

Chapter 1

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