Toy Soldier {ManxMa...
By Amelia_Vale
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**TOY MASTER SERIES: BOOK TWO**SEQUEL TO PUPPET//READ PUPPET FIRST PLEASE** Dakota Bailey has been forced to conform to the belief of other's since he was young; remaining in the closet because of fear, forced to praise a God he hated because his mother's extreme views ruled his life. When his family died in the bombs, he was freed from their beliefs, but at the same time watched the love of his life die, and for years he let the pain of his loss overwhelm him and govern his life. He believed himself to be nothing but a toy soldier, broken and gathering dust, waiting to be melted down for someone else's purposes, paint chipping away and pieces missing. The one constant in his life had always been the stars above, he cared about nothing else, but when those stars collide in front of his very eyes, he's reminded that loving is not a crime, and that he deserves to live as much as those around him, because broken soldier or not, he still had a right to fight. "Either way I'm still broken, my paint chipping, pieces missing, still pushing forward, still struggling, still just a toy fighting for my right to survive. What a cruel world we live in..." ((rated M, will contain explicit content, sexual themes, rape, blood, violence, polygamous relationship, & mature language)) **cover art by Ramzy Kamen on DA:**

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Toy Soldi...
by Amelia_Vale