The Fall of the Kee...
By page_ofsecrets
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The Itova Chronicles |Book 4| COMPLETED The Coalition's success is at hand, putting a certain Prince into hiding and leaving Astrid juggling the rebels, her family, her friends, and her feelings. The country is thrown into chaos as the system that has stood for hundreds of years is torn apart at the seams. While some welcome the change, others hold out for the return of the Prince. Furious Keepers promise vengeance on the Coalition and the betrayers in their midst, threatening the life of someone close to Astrid's heart. Secrets with their startling revelations will finally be brought to the light and lost memories will be found in this exciting continuation of our story. Jasper discovers a secret space center that sheds light on the origins of Tyche's people and the creation of Itova. Astrid finally learns why her mother used memory serum on her and just how important of a role she was born to play. The demise of an era and the destruction of the Order are at hand, but the real question is will Astrid be strong enough to save herself and the ones she loves, or will she fall with them?


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The Fall...
by page_ofsecrets