Pranking The Bad Boy
By emilishepard
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"What the hell?! Kennedy!" I watch as Ryder turns around furiously and strides towards me. Oh oh. Maybe I took it too far... "What's wrong with you?! Did you really have to cover my car in pink sticky notes?!" He steps towards me and I take a step back. He steps forward again and I step back until I'm up against the wall. "Well if you would have left me alone when I told you to, I wouldn't have had to do it," I fire back. He chuckles. "You don't know what you just got yourself into." "What do you mea--" I get cut off by his lips on mine. I freeze. What was happening? And why did it feel so good? Ryder grabs my waist and pulls me closer to him. I wrap my arms around his neck and tangle my fingers in his hair. He bites down on my bottom lip softly. As I was about to part my lips, he pulls away. "Better watch your back," he says. He smirks at me and then turns around to leave. What just happened? ____________________ Kennedy is not like most girls. Instead of getting her nails done and gossiping, she would rather ride her motorcycle or dive jump. She didn't have any friends back at her old school, but will that change when she attends a new one? She meets the bad boy of the school, Ryder. One harmless prank of pouring some pudding over his head starts a whole other war. They prank each other and start to realise that they might have feelings for the other person and the other person might have feelings for them. Will they use that knowledge to their advantage? __________________ Highest rank: #8- teen fiction 12/29/16 Thank you to MySecretDiary for the amazing cover!!

Chapter 1.

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by emilishepard