I Scream, You Scream
By JanaeMitchell
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A horrifically freaky tale with a slight hint of twisted humor... Oxford Manning had served ice-cream to the residents of Conrad County for many years, the joyful music of his colorful truck brightening everyone's day... until the day it was gone. One evening, when Oxford was finished with his route, a group of teenage boys stopped him on his way out of town. Thinking they simply wanted ice-cream, he greeted them with a smile, but when that smile was quickly covered with a wide strip of duct-tape, he realized he was dead wrong. Oxford was tied up, robbed, and laughed at, which he could've handled, since he'd been tormented his entire life; but then his truck was set on fire, trapping him inside. Barely making it out alive, he spent several weeks in a burn unit a few towns over, where no one thought he'd survive another night. So, when the nurses found his bed empty, except for some of his skin that was still stuck to it, it became a huge mystery. Months after he went missing from the burn center, an eerily familiar tune echoed through Conrad County once again. Oxford Manning had returned. Copyright © 2016 by Janae Mitchell. All rights reserved.

Chapter 1: All Tied Up

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I Scream...
by JanaeMitchell