Loving a Killer
By Maddie_May01
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He's a contract killer for the Italian mob. She's the secret daughter of his boss that he's been paid to retrieve. What could possibly go wrong? • • • Being paid to kill is something Maddox King had grown used to. The weapons, the torture, the blood that was all on his hands. With the mafia as his boss and an arsenal to his disposal, Maddox never cared to think of his nonexistent family or better yet, life outside of the mob. Maddox was the "best in the business," as far as organized crime went. And that's all that mattered to him. The title, the notoriety. It was a job. He finds, he kills, he gets paid. It seemed simple. And it was ... until the boss decided to ask him for a favor. This time it's not a mission to kill. Now, Maddox is asked to keep Norah Romaniello safe and retrieve her, whatever means necessary. A beautiful, stubborn woman with a burdened but kind heart. Opposites are said to attract, but where is the line drawn between practical, and downright dangerous...? • • • "You have no idea what I'm capable of." His voice deepened as he held the smoking gun to his side. I stepped closer to him so I could now feel his heart pounding against his chest, adrenalin almost radiating from him. My own heart raced as I could feel the killer in him border between simmering down or firing another shot. "Then show me." I whispered. And he did. • • • { Romaniello Series Book 1 ; Norah } ** *Mature Content Warning* **

0.1 - In The Beginning

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Loving a...
by Maddie_May01