The Princess and th...
By kaiandersen
  • Historical Fiction
  • adventure
  • kidnap
  • marriage
  • princess
  • ransom
  • suitors
  • thief


Princess Gwendolyn of Elithriel is tired of living life as a royal. She secretly craves a life of adventure like one from the books she reads. Her parents Queen Grace and King Richard are always telling her she needs to find a husband before she turns eighteen. And as her 18th birthday approaches, her mother begins forcing her to meet with potential suitors, all of whom are at least ten years her senior. Andrew Duval, better known as the Peregrine for his quick escapes, is Elithriel's most wanted criminal for thievery from many noble families. On the night of Princess Gwendolyn's 18th birthday, he decides to commit his biggest crime yet, kidnap the princess and hold her for ransom. As Gwen and Drew travel together, they come to an understanding. Drew can give Gwen the life of adventure that she has always wanted and Gwen can give Drew the money that he needs to provide for his family. And once two people travel together for long enough, an inevitable bond will begin to form. But there's one problem, Gwen and Drew come from two completely different worlds. After all, a princess cannot marry a thief, right?

The Princess and the Thief

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The Princ...
by kaiandersen