Mr. Possessive (ON...
By DreamBig9
  • Werewolf
  • alpha
  • damien
  • denial
  • player
  • rose
  • wolf


Rosalinda wasn't your tipical nerd. Sure she was shy, got good grades, and was very insecure. But she had another side to her, that nobody knew about, and as far as Rose thought it would stay that way. Or would it? Damien had it all. The good looks, the mind and the girls. He was arrogant, and a jerk. In his advantage, he was also next in line to become the Alpha of the most powerful pack in the U.S. He never wanted his life to change. But, what happens when Rose enters his life. Will he be able to end his player ways, or is he just going to carry on with his lifestyle? What happens when Roses past comes back to haunt her? Will he be there to protect her? Read to find out!! P.S this story may have some similar things to other stories with Alphas and stuff, but it is totally different. All the things that I write come from my imagination. Happy reading Love you

Mr. Possessive- Prologue

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Mr. Posse...
by DreamBig9