Only His (Scarlet H...
By FTEmperial
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When the darkness engulf my whole being, as I felt myself drowning. I cannot help myself but think, I'm dying and I'm meeting my parents and brother soon. After this... No more pain, no more suffering, no more... 'Eomma, Appa, Jung Seo... Just a little moment, I'll be with you three, please do wait for me.' As I let myself succumb to the darkness itself. -- Lee Nae Min is a 24 year old girl from the modern world. Being an orphan for almost of her life, she already experience how to be hurt, what pain is, what hardships are. But one day, when she accidentally slip off the cliff and feel off to the ocean below. As she opened her eyes as she found herself in the middle of a forest wearing a Traditional Korean Hanbok and seeing some bruises and scratches in her arms and legs, as seeing her clothes ripped too. Stay tuned and follow her adventure; will she meet her love, rival, family, hope, faith, and another person from her world? ©FTEmperial ®2016

Prologue || EDITED

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Only His...
by FTEmperial