The Van Pact
By WaltTwitman
  • Teen Fiction
  • bromance
  • contemporary
  • dramedy
  • dualpov
  • firstperson
  • friendship
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Valerie: Female given name derived from the Latin, val─ôre, to be strong. *** Valerie's not afraid of anything. Her best friend Stevie worries about everything. A flipped Jeep the Saturday before senior year might just change all that. When Valerie flips her cool Jeep Wrangler, her parents insist she drive the household's semi-retired 1996 Dodge Ram Conversion as punishment. But what is and isn't punishment is a matter of perspective. To golden girl Valerie, the van is no big deal. To self-conscious Stevie, it's social suicide. After all, high school is already hard enough for a Riverdance-fan-girl who can't even make eye contact with her biggest crush, blond band-geek Jesse. Determined to prove that the world isn't as awful as Stevie assumes it is, Valerie designs a pact. Each girl must perform five 'feats of courage' that range from the absurd to the daring to the legally-murky. This quirky game of dares may bring Stevie some confidence, but it also brings to light some big secrets, including one Valerie would rather have kept hidden. Senior year's going to be a bumpy ride. Valerie and Stevie will need a little more than a few feats of courage, a blond drummer boy, and a traveling Irish stage show.


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The Van P...
by WaltTwitman