Inside These Walls
By JanaeMitchell
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(The scariest thing about this story is the fact that it's inspired by actual events.) Bache Manor is riddled with mystery and a dark past that's as elusive as its owner, who seemingly vanished, leaving behind all his belongings, as well as even more unanswered questions. Because of the rumors that surround the manor and its occupants, most people avoid it, which is for the best. When a paranormal team is asked to investigate the historic Bache Manor, they jump at the chance. Thinking it will be just like any other investigation, they're shocked and unprepared by some of the things they find inside. However, their intrigue soon turns to regret when the random thumps and murmured voices turn into terror-filled screams and odd occurrences that seem to go way beyond just the paranormal. What was once thought to be a dream-come-true investigation quickly turns into a nightmare ~ one they may never be able to wake up from. Copyright © 2016 by Janae Mitchell. All rights reserved.

Chapter 1: Bache Manor

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