Shoot and Run || Gr...
By JichuChichu
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"Commander I expect this team to be of the highest standards, I don't care about ages, genders or any of that shit, all that matters is that you get the best possible team to take on this case" The old bearded man barked roughly at dark haired man sitting in front of him. "Understood chief Makarov, and please don't worry I've already got a team in mind, here" the dark haired commander responded calmly and handed the chief 6 student files, "These are the files of 6 students who are to graduate tomorrow" "Students?" The old chief questioned, "but these students have already been informed of their possible careers by the system? Are you telling me they all were admitted to the F.T crime force?" "Not yet chief, that's up to you now isn't it?" The commander smiled. "It depends on their stats" "Well your welcome to look" ... Juvia L. Fernandez Jellal Fernandez Levy McGarden Erza Scarlet Gray Fullbuster Gajeel Redfox ... "Very well, bring them in"


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Shoot and...
by JichuChichu